If you've been to Terlingua before then you have a basic lay of the land - in short, there's not much here. April is a busy time in the area with people visiting Big Bend National Park and other sites. Please consider the following as you make your way here - and as always, please respect local residents private property, privacy and the local landscape in general:

There is only one gas station in town so we suggest you fill up in Alpine, Marathon or Presidio before you arrive. This will reduce the burden on local fuel.

There are only two ATMs in town so hit your local ATM before heading this way. Most businesses take credit/debit cards, but some of the vendors at #sotolfest2019 will be cash only (bring small bills pls).

We have parking at the event for 400-500 vehicles so carpool if you can. Also, do not park along the road (FM 170) outside the LaKiva as DPS will tow your vehicle. 

We've cleared any area on the LaKiva's 32 acre tract for camping. While not fancy, it does put you on-site and off the highway if you have too much fun. There will porta potties on-site and potable water. There are no showers - you can get a quick shower at the Motor Lodge (2 mi away) for a few bucks. 


On Saturday (April 13) we are asking people to head to Boquillas to eat some good food - taste some sotol - and spend a few bucks. We are asking everyone to head over earl Saturday morning (takes an hour to get to the crossing from Terlingua) and return around 3pm to Terlingua.


You must have a valid passport to enter Boquillas, MX and to return to the US, no exceptions. This means that your birth certificate will not be enough to cross the border. Don't forget to bring your passports!

Boquillas is cash only, US dollars or MX pesos are accepted. We suggest around $80-100 to cover the costs of the passenger ferry across the Río, your transportation into town, food, drinks, and souvenirs. Small bills are preferred, unless you don't mind tipping big, which is also recommended since our neighbors there depend on tourism for their income.

There is no ATM in Boquillas, so get cash before or on your way down. ATMs are available at the Quicksilver Branch Bank and the Alon gas station, both in Study Butte, and there are ATMs at the Panther Junction gas station and Rio Grande Village in Big Bend National Park. Keep in mind that with the large volume of people visiting combined with our remote location, it's not uncommon for these ATMs to run out of cash, so plan ahead.

The drive to the Boquillas Crossing is approximately an hour, most of it through Big Bend National Park. Please obey the posted speed limits: 45 MPH in most cases, but slower around Panther Junction and near the Boquillas spur road. National Park Police do/will write tickets for speeding, so enjoy the beautiful scenery and don't be in a rush. If you don't have a national park pass you will need to pay $20 to get your vehicle into the park.

Drink responsibly and don't drink and drive. Got it! To return to Terlingua from Boquillas, you will have at least an hour drive through the National Park ahead of you, and we recommend a designated driver. While you will be sampling Sotol, we ask that you keep in mind that Boquillas is not Cancun, and while we do want everyone to have fun, please respect our neighbors across the Río.

Parking is limited at Boquillas Crossing, so make some friends and try to carpool. Additional parking is available at Rio Grande Village.

The Boquillas Crossing is open from 8AM-6PM and you absolutely must be back across the Río before that time, so while you are enjoying your day, keep in mind that you will need to plan time to get from town back down to the river and wait for a boat across, then the short hike back up to the border crossing station. If you do not return by 6PM, you will not be able to cross again until the next morning, and will miss out on the festivities in Terlingua on Saturday night. Limited lodging is available in Boquillas at Jose Falcon's in the event you don't make it back in time.

Please be patient when you embark on this journey. Boquillas is a small, remote village and this festival will no doubt bring a larger crowd than anyone on either side of the Río sees on even a day during peak season. The line at the border crossing back in Big Bend National Park will take some time to process each passport, so expect and plan ahead for this.

Boquillas is a safe place to be, and almost assuredly safer than the town you are visiting from. Leave your guns and preconceptions at home and enjoy a lovely day with our beautiful neighbors and their generous hospitality.

Feel free to bring gifts of canned goods, beans, flour, or rice, school supplies, toys or stuffed animals, or other items for our friends and neighbors. They will greatly appreciate it! Have fun, ask questions, be safe, and SALUD!